Sweet & Sensual Adventure (Day time service)

Allow me to take off the edge from everyday city life and join me for a sensual pampering. Starting off with an erotic body to body massage, caressing and a lot of sensual foreplay. This experience is all about enjoying each other’s company and affection. The idea of my intended experience, apart from providing sophisticated company and emotional pleasure, is to slowly and erotically arouse, tease and seduce you, to induce a more fulfilling experience. Your session will be sensual and intimate and above all, unforgettable.


The Party Lifestyle

I am pleased to offer a scandalously sexy party service to my clients. All the best parties are considered so because of the company we enjoy when we are at them. I would love to join you for a night out in the Club, or a private party at your location. Just enjoy the moment and make it last along as possible. A wild night out is only a click away..


Business & Leisure

Add a little pleasure to your next trip? No more dull moments and evenings spend alone in the hotel. I will provide you with everything you would receive in a relationship, except for commitment. You get to enjoy travelling with a companion who will engage you with intelligent conversations, go out to dinners with you and all the other things couples enjoy doing together.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl. If you love being up first thing in the morning while you are travelling, then I will be up with you.

If you sleep during your holidays, but like to be up all night, then I’ll be there to entertain you through out the night. Experience the joy and thrill of travelling with me.