Can you send me an unblurred picture of your face or a selfie?

Sorry to disappoint you but the answer is and always will be no to requests for extra pictures.Due to privacy reasons I don’t show my face.


Are you the lady in the pictures?

Yes, I am the lady in the pictures.My photos are recent and accurate.I also update my gallery on a regular basis.Rest-assured I have a pretty face.


What is my real name ?

Please respect that my privacy is important to me,I will respect yours as well.



Please note whilst I can be flexible with my hours,I only accept a certain amount of bookings per day.I work independently and do not operate in conjuction with any organisation or establishment.


Best way to contact me?

Phone calls are excepted between 10:00 to 20:00 subject to availabilty.Feel free to enquire via Email or WhatsApp after hours.


Are you discreet?

I value my privacy very much and yours.Thats why I always have a clear delineation between my intimate encounters and my private life.


How do we take care of finances?

The fee for the agreed service is always to be paid at the beginning of the meeting in cash.


Do you have more questions ?

For further questions.I am always at your disposal.Just send me an email.